Thursday, 28 July 2011

Epoxy Floor Paint- Why Is It a Better Flooring Option For Basements in Windsor?

Basement flooring has always raised great concern in the minds of homeowners considering home improvement and renovation. One can alter anything in their home with ease but not the concrete surfaces in your basement.Not only has changing the surface been difficult but also it has been quite expensive as well. The traditional surfacing options like the granite, marble, slate etc are very difficult to maintain, while ceramic tile is somewhat difficult to install.
So such things gave rise to a new concept of flooring. It was thought that something should be developed that could alter floors just like we change wall paint colours.
The solution was epoxy floor coating paint. The epoxy resin paint completely changed the whole scene of basement improvements. Changing floors has now become exceptionally easy. You just have to apply the epoxy floor paint just like you paint your walls and you’ll see a completely transformed basement. Epoxy is a resin material that can be applied over the concrete flooring surfaces which after being dried, becomes extremely durable and gives an entirely new look to your basement or garage.
Epoxy floor paint is widely recommended due to the number of properties that it possesses. It’s easy to apply and maintain. You just have to apply it like you paint your wall. It’s resistant to water, dust, chemicals and grease, which makes it easy to maintain. Epoxy resin is a very affordable concrete flooring option. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to cover the concrete flooring as you would with traditional flooring options.
With epoxy floor paint you can alter the surfaces any time and in any way you want. The epoxy floor paint can be customized, to give it the desired durability and strength required, which makes epoxy floor paint a very nice option for home renovation. This concrete floor paint is highly durable and can withstand high pressure and weight. This property makes it ideal for concrete garage floors since it can bear the continuous movement of vehicles over it.
If you are considering home improvement and want to change the look of your basement or garage floors, but you aren’t the DIY type, but still want to save money, then you can simply hire professionals who are experienced with epoxy floor paint application. A professional can help you have the desired colors and textures using  epoxy floor paint.
They can also help you gain the customized durability with your epoxy garage flooring. Moreover the epoxy floor coating can be altered any time the homeowner desires. So if you are looking for more insight into whether epoxy floor covering would be the right choice for your home, write us at

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