Sunday, 15 July 2012

A Wet Basement May NOT Actually Be Leaking in Windsor

The basement is the heart of many a home. Most of the air that we breathe comes from this part of the house. If the air is humid, dank and dirty then this might have a negative effect on the health of people living in the home. Water damage is a major problem in many homes because it gets into the basement and begins to cause a range of troubles. In order to prevent this from occurring it might be a good idea to install a vapor barrier.

What most people might not realize is the fact that vapor can sink into the walls of your basement and cause water damage on the inside. As the vapor begins to condense inside the house, the room becomes humid and this air spreads throughout the rest of the house. If you have concrete basement walls then you might be at a loss as to what else need to be done to keep the water our. A vapor barrier is the answer.

A vapor barrier is attached to the foundation of the basement and it keeps the moisture from sinking through the walls and into the basement itself. It's important to note that the vapour barrier must ALWAYS be installed on the warm side of the basement insulation and will not function properly unless the insulation is present. 

Less moisture equals less humidity and this means a whole range of advantages. Not only will water damage be less of a concern but you will also be able to prevent mold from forming in your home. Mold usually thrives in dark, moist places and a basement is a prime suspect for harboring it. With a vapor barrier you can keep the air in your basement dry and prevent moisture from causing a variety of troubles in your home. 

It's important to take note of the reasons for the high humidity in your basement. If the moisture is coming from another source then it might not help to simply keep the moisture from outside the home out. If the moisture is coming from inside the home then you will need to sort that problem out before you can gain some relief. 

There are a range of other advantages that come with installing a vapor barrier and this is perhaps why it is so popular. The item itself is usually quite durable, so it won't have to be replaced very often but it also has the ability to keep bugs and other creepy crawlies out of the basement. These creatures are perhaps one of the main reasons that many people do not want to venture down into their own basements, and this is one way to ensure that you are not one of them. 

Water damage can end up costing you more than money; it can end up costing you the health of your family, which is why it is such an important concern. The best way to combat it is to find measures that work and a vapor barrier is one of them. This is a simple solution that any good contractor will be able to implement in your home for you. Contact us at Lakeside and we will be happy to advise you on the best options for your home.

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  1. Since publishing this post, it's been brought to my attention through linkedin professional connections that this reads as if there should be a vapour barrier installed in the basement & nothing else.
    This, of course, wouldn't work since condensation would just form on the cooler side of the barrier. Vapour barriers ONLY work properly when installed on the warm side of the proper insulation for the space.
    Also, remember when installing a vapour barrier that every penetration in the barrier that's the size of a pinhole, will result in a cup of condensation inside your basement over the course of a season.