Thursday, 6 September 2012

DIY Basement Renovation Vs Hiring a Pro.....What's The Best Way to Go?

Homeowners have long recognized that a basement renovation can instantly deliver a slew of critical benefits to their home. A finished lower level in a home potentially offers an extensive increase in useable area. Additionally, most unfinished basements are a blank canvas which allows for ultra-flexibility throughout the renovation. Finally, having more usable living space instantly boosts the value should the owners ever decide to sell their home. 

Hiring A Remodeling Professional Can Prove A Wise Decision 

While the decision to remodel is often a "no brainer", homeowners often struggle with one very important factor; should they go it alone on a DIY level, or should they partner with a professional remodeling contractor for the job. 

While doing it yourself may seem like an appealing proposition before you start the redesign process, it's easy for a DIY project to quickly get out of hand and over budget. If you're considering your labour options for a basement remodeling venture in your home, read on. 

Understanding some key benefits that a seasoned renovation contractor can bring to the table can help streamline the decision making process and ensure you make the right choice for your home.

Key Benefits To Hiring A Professional Contractor For Your Basement Update

First and foremost, teaming with a professional for your project instantly grants you access to their extensive skills, qualifications and work experience. 

A finished basement is a moderately challenging endeavor. Unless you've actually, (and successfully!) completed interior remodel jobs, chances are you'll be spending an exorbitant amount of time trying to ramp up with the many details that surround a redesign of this magnitude. 

Working with a pro instantly eliminates time wasted spinning wheels; your chosen remodeling contractor will come prepared with knowledge of the current code requirements and the conditions necessary to begin working on your job. 

Additionally, most unfinished basements are wide open, underutilized spaces. Creating a functional, coherent design that best utilizes the available space can prove difficult for a layperson. 

A seasoned professional renovator will have the insights you need to help create a cohesive layout for your new space, maximizing the area according to your priority list.

Finally, while taking the DIY route for your basement project may seem like a great way to save money, homeowners often find that this is not always the case. Inexperienced attempts to renovate can often result in costly errors. 

Also, when working on any type of home improvement, there's always a chance of the unforeseen occurring. Formerly undetected water damageBusiness Management Articles, poorly built structures and compromised structural integrity in the basement can all cause major construction glitches resulting in mounting costs if not managed quickly and efficiently. 

Partnering with a professional contractor from the start can help eliminate these risks and keep your job on track and on budget throughout the process.

The Best of Both Worlds

Some renovation contractors, Lakeside included, Will allow you to work with their crews to reduce your labour costs.

The obvious benefit of this arrangement is that you have access to the contractors expertise while at the same time, reducing the  labour required for the project. Not so obvious is the fact that you will not need to purchase or rent any major tools required to complete your project since your contractor will already have professional grade equipment.

Another subtle benefit is that you will likely learn several new skills during the process that will be of use to you in future projects.

Lakeside Interiors specializes in renovating existing basements as well as kitchens and bathrooms so, if you aren't looking for a "full contact" DIY experience, get together with us and we'll make your dream basement a reality for you!

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