Thursday, 3 October 2013

5 Common Kitchen Planning Mistakes in Windsor & Barrie

You've finally saved enough money to complete your kitchen remodeling project, only to discover it's worth a fraction of what you've invested. What went wrong? Homeowners need to get smarter when it comes to renovations.

Kitchen remodeling is one of the best and wisest home investments you can make - if you do it the right way. Too often people don't put in enough research or let a general contractor make all the decisions for them. If you want to be sure to make the most out of your money, here are five common mistakes to avoid. 

1. Poor Planning
Kitchen remodeling isn't always about flashy center islands and granite countertops. Functionality should be the top priority when organizing the layout, but too often people get so caught up in the latest trends that they forget how they actually use the area. What's the point of having a dishwasher installed at the opposite side of the room from the sink? Are the drawers and cabinets easy enough to access and fill? Think in terms of practicality first before you start picking out tile patterns. 

2. Too Trendy
There's already starting to be a huge backlash against some of the more recent kitchen remodeling trends such as excessive use of granite slabs, stainless steel appliances, and maple cabinets. Why are these trends faltering? When a large segment of homes all contain these features, they suddenly become very dated as time goes on, essentially cementing the home within an era. Ever seen wall-to-wall dark carpeting and wooden paneled bedrooms and thought how 70's it all looked? Good luck trying to sell your home that reeks of early millennium. 

3. Overpriced 
You spent how much on that double door refrigerator with built-in television? Unless you're living in the lap of luxury and the rest of your home reflects that, don't overcompensate for an average Middle American home by investing all of your money into kitchen remodeling. You'd be better off spreading your budget around to ensure the entire home gets a small update rather than just concentrating on the biggest and the best for a single area. Just because you spent $10,000 on appliances, doesn't necessarily mean that your home's value will also shoot up to match the investment. 

4. Poor Quality
While some people spend too much money, other people are too cheap. You can't fake a quality remodel with cheap accessories and a modern fa├žade. If your cabinets are rotted from the inside out, don't simply replace the door and call it a day. If the plumbing is shot, you aren't going to get away with adding a fancy new faucet rather than replacing the old pipes. If you can't afford everything you needHealth Fitness Articles, perform the job in stages or readjust the design to save money. Working appliances are much more valuable than a nice countertop. 

5. Mismatched
A home should have a cohesive design sense from the exterior into and throughout the interior. A decadent Italian style isn't going to fit in with a small craftsman bungalow. An ultra-modern and sleek design will not best compliment a ranch-style home. Your home should be considered in its entirety before committing to a specific design plan.

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