Thursday, 3 October 2013

Basement Renovations, The Rage in Windsor & Barrie

Visions of basements in pop culture have not been charitable. They're usually places where monsters hide, junk accumulates, or hangouts for unsavory characters to hatch devious plots. In reality, having a below ground level in your Windsor home is a huge asset. It raises value to your property when properly maintained, it is the safest place to be in a natural disaster, it can be used as a showroom, game room, or a general sanctuary from the chaos above.

Finishing the basement in a standard two story home can potentially increase your useable floor space by almost 35%. If you have an unfinished basement and are considering a move to a new home because you need more space, an upgrade to the basement will prove to be much more economical than purchasing a bigger home.

A basement is something to be nurtured. If you let neglect it, or fail to maintain it, it will invariably act up - springing leaks, gathering dust, becoming a nuisance. But with the right care and attention, it can truly do wonders for your home.

 Lakeside Interiors is Windsor & Barrie’s basement renovations specialists. No matter the state of things down there, we have seen it all, everything from upgrades to floods. If you have a dream vision, or even a vague idea of what you’d like in your basement, talk to one of our basement specialists about your options, we’ll work with you to perfect your vision and make your dream of what your basement could be, come true. From adding a fresh coat of paint, to creating top of the line showrooms with custom display cases and rotating platforms, we have done it all. No job is too large, small, or specialized for our basement renovations specialists.

With the stress and pressure that everyday life brings, one must find peace. Whether you seek a classic "man cave," game room, sports watching paradise, gathering place for friends, art studio, music studio, rehearsal space, document storage or whatever it may be, we can create it for you. Life is too short to regret not having spent more time cultivating that perfect space.

We offer the most competitive prices for basement renovation in the Windsor or Barrie areas. If you have an idea, give us a call, and we'll do the rest. We will give you a space you can always take pride in.

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